World-class Solutions
Utilizing technologies to produce deliverables that provide a best-in-class experience.
It is no surprise that technology is at the core of everything we do. Perhaps it would be an understatement to say that we eat, sleep, and breathe technology.

Keeping Current

At LUX interactive we work hard to keep current with the existing technologies. The ever-changing landscape is a constant challenge for any development firm, in which we accept and navigate with our combined expertise.

Emerging Technologies

We constantly peer into the realm of emerging technologies to target those that will enhance our client’s objectives and provide a magnified return on investment.

Technology Offerings:

Core Technologies:

Our core technologies include Microsoft® .NET Framework, Application Lifecycle Management using Microsoft® Azure, Azure Cloud Services, and Microsoft's mobile delivery platform Xamarin.

We pair our Back-End technologies with an array of Front-End frameworks and community championed libraries. Delivering enterprise development that is maintainable, scalable, and provides a best-in-class user experience regardless of the device or browser.

We develop solutions that are responsive; Leading with mobile development by adhering to the mobile first design strategy and development principles. We manage and direct our processes together through our AGILE development methodology. Offering our solutions in a multitude of hosting environments that provide our clients with optimal uptime, speed, and application stability.

Other Technologies:

We have expertise and experience with other technologies outside of our core Microsoft© and JavaScript frameworks.

We have the ability to integrate with most other technologies and consult on many facets of digital development including Amazon Web Services, the myriad of database products and additional Back-End technologies found in the marketplace Today.

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